Meet Jenn

How I went from COO of a multi-million dollar company to empowering badass women to rise up together.

First, it all began to fall apart...

New Years Day 2015, a life-changing phone call from my husband, “honey, please meet me at the hospital”. From that moment on my life will never be the same, as he had been diagnosed with a condition that was inoperable, and a wait and see approach is the only treatment.

It was a traumatic three months praying for his survival, going to work every day to keep the finances as normal as possible, and trying to manage three growing boy’s schedules.  I had an empty tank of energy.

At this time I was the Chief Operating Officer of a multi-million dollar company and the pressure was mounting at work to deliver.

The amazing news is my husband made a successful recovery, the bad news was I was in a state of zombie-like living…

I couldn’t get out of bed, canceled dinner plans, starting isolating myself but I really didn’t want to be the person I had became. The pressure cooker stress left me feeling alone, unmotivated, physically unhealthy, and depressed.

The miracle is I continued to be a COO in this zombie state for a few more years.

Then I started falling to my bottom which took a few agonizing years to finally hit. I left the C-Suite and went back to my comfort zone in sales to see if that would make me happy.

After traveling the world, I realized I had something seriously wrong with me and didn’t feel as if I was getting the jobs that I was more than qualified for. I was competing for jobs with men that we not my equal, sorry guys but I have the mastery of multi-tasking like a mother fucker, handling life’s stresses while still delivering on a sales number is my forte.

I ended up out hustling them for the jobs but once I got there I was surrounded yet again by a bunch of good old boys and feeling unfulfilled.  I was doing more work than the guys and still being valued as the lesser gender. They called me the nickname of “team mom” which is an insult to a past badass C.O.O just in case you were wondering.

I took a few middle management jobs and got paid handsomely, but I was still overweight, short-tempered at home, and irritable. Something serious had to be wrong with me.

the simple shift that changed everything...

In 2017 I started heat-seeking out help – enter the costly therapy, executive psychologist, reiki energy, every spiritual book out there, psychics, and motivational videos.

Did I mention every fad diet and meditation too? I tried everything….nothing worked & getting out of bed was still a struggle.

Fast forward to 2019 and I now have a health issue and feeling the same at work disgruntled over everything and irritable at home. So one day on my computer pops up a “life coaching” course by someone I respect immensely, my rational mind thought of every reason to not sign up for the 9-month course, but for some reason unknown to me I signed up!

I had just recently read a research paper stating women work 10% more a day at work than men (and we overproduce for less pay) while still doing two more hours of housework than our spouses at home. WTF.

I thought if I take back that 10% of my time and put it into my coaching time I could do it! So I did it. My 48 minutes a day were mine again. I resisted that urge to respond to every work text thread and email and to focus on my vital few* every day.

*The vital few; the only things that have to be done to move that goal ahead.

As this was happening I captured my 48 minutes back and started seeing clear again. It showed me that I was miserable doing my job and something had to change, the high-performance coaching course exposed to me I had more to give in this life than to stay in some career that was actually making me sick through stress and being unmotivated by a sales goal.

I had survived my husband almost dying, a roller-coaster career, and now my health issue; damn I am a survivor, I knew it was time to Launch Jenn Rice!

Then the pandemic hits...well shit, the big launch of my new mighty career just hit a huge roadblock.

And the reality of a six-figure salary to a ZERO income hit me as well. At that moment I decided if I do not do this now I could be in an even worse mental and physical state.

In March of 2020, we decided to cut back all of our expenses and buckle down on all things money-related, and the new ideas of side hustling and unconventional money earning entered my life.

During this time of uncertainty and reflection, it exposed to me in my 18-year career, that I lost sight of my core values, and myself. 

In those 48 minutes a day, I reclaimed ME and will never look back.

I officially transformed during the pandemic to a certified coach, podcaster and an advocate of empowerment for badass women.  It all starts with taking back our 10% a day ladies!

Now, are you ready to join me?
One choice can change your life, it did for me.

This has been my life’s work – I gave up so much in my life in order to succeed in my corporate roles but I didn’t have to. If I would have had someone like me there to show me how to have professional success alongside the personal fulfillment, I would not have had to sacrifice, struggle and miss out on as much as I did.

I am not only committed to helping women fight for equality in the workplace, I’m also committed to empowering any women who feels she needs to sacrifice to get what she really wants – and I want to help you achieve it on YOUR terms.

I use the 48 rule for writing, creating, working out, self-development, cooking, investing in my family, and ultimately changing my life daily.   This simple shift is part of my Token 3-Step Coaching Process and it can change your life if you’re ready.  

If you want to learn more about how I can help you reclaim your 48 minutes each day and then use that time to shift out of stress & overwhelm and into your dream life & career, click the button to download your free copy of the Token Female Guidebook: