#1 Reason Why You Should be Focused on Your Narrative

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This week’s episode focuses on reclaiming your story and taking your Reclaim48 for narrative creation. The world in which we live isn’t working; it’s a world of chaos and uncertainty. From a historical perspective, men created the story of Adam and Eve over 2,000 years ago, where the woman is a temptress, there we go off to a bad start! 

We’ve been pre-programmed to believe that prince charming is going to come and save the female in distress and live in the safety of their love. We have been imprinted with a very negative female narrative to start our lives off and it is powerfully entrenched in us. Still, I choose to share the stories of strength and survival and positivity. We cut ties to negative historical stereotypes.

The women’s interviews that I will be sharing are critical because we are creatures of narratives; the human psyche wants to hear a story and attach itself to it. The narratives are embedded in us and aren’t a function of who we are. The time for change is now, as we are in a time of recalibration. Our brains have evolved, but to make sense of this change, we need new stories and history.

Weekly we’re going to listen to a game-changer, a female in business that has done what I am asking you to do: rewrite the narrative! I implore you to listen, share, and grow with us because it’s time to reclaim being a female in industry and the world.

Everything around us is feminine and screaming for help these days from mother earth and to females around the world. The stories are crucial to our psyches. We need to imbibe our minds with new stories of who we are as females. 

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Jennifer Rice

Jennifer Rice

Jennifer Rice is a Women's Empowerment Coach and host of The Token Female Podcast. Jenn achieved the celebrated c-suite success in her own 18-year corporate career but felt she needed to do it alone & sacrifice to make it happen. She is now dedicated to helping more women rise to the top without giving up what they love or who they are along the way. She believes that women can have it all, massive professional success alongside deep personal fulfillment, if they have the right strategy & support.

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