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Meet Jenn...

Meet Jenn...

Bad-Ass career and life? It takes a choice to get that.

I made a choice and use it every day.

New Years Day 2015, changed my life forever. What followed I would have never guessed. My husband was in the hospital, and it was serious. We were in a wait and see treatment plan for survival, and he won!

During this time depression, anxiety, and zombie living were my existence, I was an executive running a multi-million dollar business and struggling to get out of bed. I had been putting my self-worth into my career which created an unhealthy loop. The compounded personal and professional stresses were building, and I was cracking.

I had to change my outlook and take back my life. By doing it with 48 minutes a day I put myself back together again. The choice of that 10% of my workday belonged to me again. 

I’m now on a mission empower more women take back their 10% so they can also rise up, have a higher quality of life, & be limitless. It’s our time to have it all!

It doesn't have to be an either/or anymore...

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t have.  You can have a successful and limitless lifestyle – if you have the right strategies, support, and roadmap.

Here's how I can help you:

Executive Coaching for Women

Empowerment Coaching

Exclusive private coaching packages for driven women who are ready to create a balanced & badass professional and personal life.   Don’t wait for your life to get out of balance – take the steps you need to create a limitless life today.

Female Mentorship Programs

Speaking Events

Jenn takes you through her proprietary 3-Step Token process to get realigned with what matters most in your life. Learn how impactful it will be to take back 10% of your day so you can become unstoppable at creating your own badass life!

Time Management Strategies

Free Token GuideBook

Learn simple but powerful techniques for managing your time in alignment with your professional goals & personal values so you can conquer the obstacles holding you back & start improving your quality of life inside my free guidebook.

Jennifer Rice is the leading example of what it is to be a strong & successful woman in the modern world. Her determination and drive is something I have admired and tried to mimic in my own life. She has proven her toughness and power through years of competing with men of all backgrounds in male dominated settings, and beating them. She is committed to lifting women up and has always been a guiding light in my life, helping to expel the vigor within me. Jenn is a rare soul in this world and will forever be a source of strength and wisdom in both my personal and business lives, while challenging me to keep shattering the ceilings above.

Ashlyn R.